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Used and reconditioned forklifts for sale. Diesel, LP Gas, Petrol and Electric Forklifts available. Our reconditioned forklifts are returned to service in an “as good as new” condition, ready to serve your business from day one.


Quality used and reconditioned forklifts for sale

We offer a complete range of forklifts that have low hours and in many cases have been completely refurbished. If you need reliable, well maintained forklifts with warranties intact and selection across the forklift brands, Used forklift for sale is your port of call and supplier of choice. We are located in Johannesburg, close to the airport and are a Used forklift dealer in Johannesburg, known for our deal making.

Contact Us and lets make a deal on a used forklift or a completely refurbished Toyota forklift.

Used forklifts: Reliability, range, brands and after sales service for complete peace of mind in materials handling.


2.5 ton used forklift for sale

We have a variety of 2.5 ton forklifts for sale. Our forklift for sale are available in diesel., LPG as well was a electrically powered and operated models. We have a variety of forklift brands for sale with a 2.5 ton lifting capacity. Contact us for a quote on our available stock of 2.5 ton forklift for sale.


4 ton second hand forklift for sale
Our range of 4 ton to 6 ton forklifts make your materials handling problems a breeze. Fully refurbished forklifts for sale in Diesel, LPG and electric. A 5 ton forklift is a workhorse that makes an enormous difference to any yard. Contact us for a demonstration and to view our 4 ton forklift for sale.


8 ton forklift for sale
Our heavy lifters range from 6 ton forklifts to 15 ton forklifts. These forklifts move goods around your yard and warehouse at speed, with precision and accuracy. Heavy lifting forklift for sale are real game changers and have the ability to transform a business into a well oiled materials handling machine.

We have a forklift for sale to meet your budget and requirements

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used forklift for sale brands
toyota forklift

Used Toyota forklifts for sale

Used forklift for sale South Africa is a preferred used Toyota forklift dealer offering a comprehensive range of Toyota forklifts, services and warranties.

Every used forklift for sale that leaves our premises has had a full mechanical check and is supplied with a warranty that varies from 200 hours upward depending on the age and condition of the used forklift for sale. Contact us for more information on the warranties available. Our service plans are available on demand.

If you are looking for a specific/hard to find forklift, please be in touch with us, we are experts at finding used forklifts when all seems lost. We are the go to guys for the materials handling industry, always offering an excellent deal and unrivaled service on used forklifts in South Africa.

We have constant stock of 2.5 ton used Toyota forklift and 4 ton used forklifts, all refurbished to Toyota’s exacting standards. Toyota forklifts have become known for their reliability and durability with exceptional working records.

We have a forklift for sale to meet your budget and requirements

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